Jo Ball - Actress & Comedienne in Film, TV and Theatre
You Me Bum Bum Train (5* Reviews)
Jo had a lead role, as a criminal psychologist, where the audience take it in turns to travel alone through an ingeniously devised series of scenes where they improvise with actors. Jo improvised 1-2-1 with Stephen Fry.
Stephen Fry tweeted:
"Holy hound dog! 'You Me Bum Bum Train' the theatrical experience
of my life. Exhilarating, scary, brilliant, breathtaking..."
He also commented at the end of the show that the scene, that Jo performed in, was excellent and convincing...
Mark Wootton (La La Land/Nighty Night) "Amazing"
Emma Freud:        "You were Berilliant. Seriously".
Previous Productions:
Comedy Director Chris Head (part of CH 4's "Year Dot".)
Jo's Comedy Show Tomato People (Etcetera Theatre)
Stephen Fry on the comedy sketch 'Afternoon Tea'
"Congratulations... I laughed alot...." 
Comedy Producer Norma Burke (n2o & Mighty Criac)
On the Comedy Sketch 'The Settlement'
"It had the right balance between lawyer and playfulness... excellent"
EastEnders Director Nic Phillips on Jo's showreel
"Well done...really good stuff"
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